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Pulse Oximeters – A healthier living

Pulse Oximetry is a current trend for every person whether they are sick in their home or at the hospital for some reason. This process is referred to as the activity of measuring oxygen levels in your hemoglobin. A Pulse oximeter is known to check the levels of oxygenated hemoglobin in comparison to the total amount of hemoglobin present in the body. You can find a range of pulse oximeter for sale at Jumia. Some of the world’s renowned brands have their products stocked at our marketplace to choose from. Moreover, for your benefit, we are offering the lowest pulse oximeter price for buyers to choose from.

How does a Pulse Oximeter work?

When looking at the functioning of a pulse oximeter, you need to understand the small complicated things occurring in it. The level of oxygen is determined by sending two pulses of light through the fingertip to a photodetector placed in the device. Then the finger pulse oximeter determines the levels by calculating the difference in absorption of the two wavelengths that are produced. These show the amount of oxygen that the arteries have absorbed and displayed it in the form of a percentage on the pulse oximeter. Along with this, the device also provides the pulse as well which is the number of times that your heart beats per minute.

Types of Pulse Oximeters

When you have to buy a pulse oximeter, you always need to look at the type that you intend to buy. There are three major types produced by different medical brands that people like to use.

Clamp-style finger Pulse Oximeters

These are one of the best portable pulse oximeters ranges present. They are simply opened up and then placed on the finger of the wearer. Once the button is pressed on it, the oximeter will operate and measure your oxygen and pulse rates. The clamp style pulse oximeters are generally battery operated and need to have complete charging in order for them to function.

Handheld Pulse Oximeters

The handheld pulse oximeters work much like the similar way of the finger clamp meters. This device comes with its own monitor that tells the complete information in an easy manner to read. The handheld oximeter takes the measurements from either the toe or the finger. The toe is generally used when the finger does not provide proper readings. A handheld pulse oximeter can run on batteries or an AC adapter. It depends on the manufacturers.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeters

Pediatric pulse oximeter are highly small in size because they need to cater to the size and the weight of the baby or the child. These are very accurate because they provide the exact measurements that are needed to assess the child. Pediatric units place these around the feet of the newborn or at the fingertip of the child to get the right reading.