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What is JForce?
Jforce is the offline sales arm of the Jumia brand— Africa’s leading e-commerce company! It is a community of salesmen and women making orders for themselves, friends, family and for others in their community to get paid commissions for every order. With Jforce, you are empowered to own and run sales as your own business and be your own boss
How to join
First you need to register as a consultant to get started. To register:
  1. Register here
  2. Fill in your details
  3. If you own a store you can register as an order point or register as an individual and upgrade later.
  4. After you have completed your registrations you should get a mail from Jumia and a call in 48hrs to onboard you and give you more information.
How to place your first order
Now that you have joined:
  1. Download the Jumia app on Google play storeor the Apple store
  2. Go to your just downloaded app or the jumia homepage
  3. Log into your Jumia account with your JForce details. Please Note that: Purchases must be made through this account on the Jumia website for the sales to be recorded for you as an agent on the JForce App.
  4. Search herefor the product you want or check from categories.
  5. When you see the item you want, select the item and add to cart. You can increase or decrease the number of items from the plus or minus counter
  6. Click on the cart icon at the top right hand side of your screen to reveal all items added to cart when you have finished selecting all items you want to order.
  7. Then click proceed to checkouton the Jumia website or Click complete your orderon the Jumia app
  8. Fill your delivery address or that of your customer depending on where or who you want the item delivered to
  9. Choose your delivery method ( Door delivery or delivery to the nearest pickup station)
  10. Choose your desired payment method (cash on delivery if available or our 100% secure prepayment option, JumiaPayor any other payment method available)
  11. Under payment method, if you have any Jforce voucher, you can input the voucher code and click apply
  12. Proceed to summary and complete your order.

And that's it, you have placed your first order as a Jforce agent.

Contact us
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Stephen Ogwuche
Regional Manager (North)
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Michael Ubong
Regional Manager (South East)
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Boluwatife Faleye
Regional Manager (South West)
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Tochukwu Onyeweaku
Regional Manager (South South)

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J-FORCE - Become a Jumia Sales Consultant

Owning your own business is the path to fulfilling your dreams as being financially independent and becoming an established entrepreneur. Jumia offers you a platform of a lifetime where you do not have to work for any boss and earn unlimited income! Join the Jumia JForce team today and kiss joblessness goodbye forever. Get on the JForce train today and earn money through commissions by selling items supplied by Jumia. You can also make money as you recruit new sales consultants. This is an opportunity to be your own boss and take orders from no one else but yourself as you have complete control over your activities. Develop great entrepreneurship skills on the JForce journey and interact with like bright minds at our social events and gatherings. Move up progressively within our ranks and gain higher commissions as a Jumia sales Consultant. Being a JForce agent is very easy as you can sign up here immediately to start earning now!