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Supermarket & Grocery on Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Supermarket, Have all your need by one click!

Jumia is always keen on facilitate people lives. Hence, Jumia Nigeria team decides to open an online supermarket. In Jumia supermarket, you can find all your home needs as well as your personal wants. In our supermarket, we have 4 sections; Household Cleaning, Baby products, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Food & Beverages which include foods and condiments. You can now make your shopping from home without suffering in streets traffic. We have a lot of top brands in all sections such as Unilever, Multipro, Reckitt Benckiser, Nestle, Cocacola, Jameson, Knorr, Nestle, and many more. Moreover, Jumia Nigeria delivers all your orders at your door step! Supermarket Shopping has never been easy like now!

Supermarket shopping from Jumia Nigeria

On Jumia, you will find all your home necessities. In our supermarket, you have cleaning tools and accessories, gel detergents and powder detergents, household cleaners, Air fresheners, toilet paper and wipes. So you can have all what you need in your kitchen, such as clothes detergent, dish washing detergents from different brands such as Sunlight, Gongoni, Morning Fresh, Vanish, you can also find different brushes and mops for cleansing purposes. As for the food and beverages, we have pasta, grains, rice and all that may come to your mind. We have also different brands to suit your budget such as Indomie, Honeywell, Devon King'S, Chivita, Frontera and many more.

Your Hygiene and Baby Essentials Matter to Jumia

We have not forgot your personal care, neither your baby’s one. In Jumia Supermarket or market category, you can find a special section for your baby food, and necessities such as diapers, food, shampoo, baby oil, cream and all his essentials. We try to make your baby happy. As for you, you can find as well all products for your personal care, hair, skin and all other stuff. You can find hand wash, face wash, creams, conditioner, mouthwash, shower gel, deodorant, pads, and many more. In this section, you can also find different brands with different prices such as Always, Familia, Mentos All in Jumia Supermarket!