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Where To Buy Indomie Online

Across the lands and stretches of Nigeria, the name Indomie is no longer new, instead, it is currently the number noodles brand in the country. It is produced by Dufil Prima Foods Plc, in a highly hygienic environment with the best ingredients that give important nutrients to the body.

It has been bringing smiles to faces and satisfaction to people’s bellies for over fifteen years. This meal is at the top of the list of people’s fast food as it is very easy and quick to prepare. You need absolutely no culinary skills to make it. The best part is that it is not age-biased; this means it can be taken by people of all age, from kids, youths to adults and even oldies.

To give the best to people, it has been made available in different flavors. First is the chicken flavor which is the most popular and widely eaten, then you have the onion chicken flavor, the chicken pepper soup, the oriental fried noodles, the pepper chicken flavor, and the relish seafood flavor. It also comes in different sizes to satisfy older people who may need to eat way more than kids. There is the Indomitable pack, which is the kids pack weighing 70g, the standard pack of 100g, the Super pack of 120g, the Hungry-man size of 200g, Belle-full size with 210g. With these various models, you can be sure to get what you love at all times. 

Cooked in different methods based on the chef, the simplest method involves adding the raw noodles into a pot of boiling water after which you add the seasoning after a couple of minutes. Leaving it to simmer for some minutes, you can go ahead to enjoy your noodles with different additions like chicken or beef or fish, pepper or vegetables to bring out the delicious taste of the noodles and to give it a more enticing look. Indomie is one absolutely trusted brand that most families have come to know and trust wholly.

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