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Buy Medical Thermometers online via Jumia

Just like the outside temperature affects our lifestyle, body temperature effects our health and activities. Therefore it is important to know what your body temperature is. It is measured through a medical thermometer. It consists of a transparent glass tube that has mercury filled in it. The tube is closed from both ends. On heating, the mercury expands so that you can read the body temperature provided by the scale given on the thermometer. With the advancement of technology, there are different types of medical thermometers being produced that can help measure temperature by contacting different body parts of human beings. You can buy medical thermometers in Nigeria online from Jumia where these are available with the latest features and functions. These thermometers are durable and reliable. They are also available at affordable rates at Jumia so that they can be accessible to a large number of customers.

Types of medical thermometers available

When you have to measure fever of a person, you often check it through a thermometer. This can be placed near any body part in a particular style. Here are some of the commonly used thermometers available in the market.

Digital thermometer:

This thermometer measures the fastest temperature and is most accurate in its reading. It is produced in different sizes and shapes. The thermometer has a sensor present on one end which tells you the body temperature when in contact with your body. A digital thermometer can also give accurate readings when used in the mouth, under the arm, or in the bottom.

Ear thermometer:

You can measure the temperature inside your ear through an ear thermometer. The thermometer will give the reading when the infrared heat from your ear contacts it. This non-contact digital thermometer is best for young kids since it is easy to use and does not require direct contact with a child. Make sure your ear is clean and does not contain too much wax, otherwise temperature reading would be incorrect.

Forehead thermometer:

This thermometer is not as accurate as the digital thermometer. When you place the thermometer on the temporal artery of your forehead, infrared heat will come off from your head which will measure the temperature and give the reading on the thermometer. This thermometer is easily available online at Jumia.

Pacifier thermometer:

Measuring the body temperature of infants is a daunting task. You also have to make sure that the thermometer is safe to use for the babies. It is mostly like a digital thermometer and once it measures the temperature, it gives a beep which tells you that body temperature has been recorded. It is placed in the mouth of a baby and makes sure that the baby stays still during the time temperature is being measured.

Fever strips:

These are not exactly a thermometer but are used to measure your body temperature. When placed against your forehead, the strip will change color due to radiating body heat. This technique is however quite inaccurate.