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Lead a better life with different Health Monitors from Jumia Nigeria

Health monitors in Nigeria have changed the living style of many people. Some people use this technology for attendance check while other people use them for keeping themselves healthy. Jumia Nigeria is offering different machines and products that have biometric monitors installed in them.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure monitors measure the blood pressure along with the heart rate of the person that this device is being used on. People who suffer from different conditions such as diabetes, senior citizen problems, heart diseases and a number of other illnesses can use these to keep their health in check. The monitor that checks the blood pressure displays it on the screen in two readings for a complete picture. These readings are known as systolic and diastolic. The systolic pressure is when the heart contracts and the diastolic pressure in when there is pressure between the heartbeats of the person. Every person has different conditions of the heat when you are to measure it with the monitor. The conditions are referred to as normal, pre-hypertension, hypertension stage 1 and hypertension stage 2. People have the option of using a monitor that is manual in nature. You can place this on the inside of the arm. For this, you have to keep on pressing the apparatus which builds up the pressure to get the measurement of the blood pressure. The digital one simply needs to be placed on the arm and it gives an automatic reading.


A digital thermometer is one device that every home needs. For this, you need to simply place the device on the forehead of the patient or in their mouth. The digital thermometer needs to be placed for a certain amount of time to get the right reading. The reading will promptly appear on the screen and you will know the temperature and what medicine you should be giving to them.


Glucometers are a highly vital device in the current age. Consider a number of features in this device when you have to use them. The first one is the automatic coding feature. Glucometers are to use a certain calibration for each of the batches of test strips present. They might use a code while others might be scanned using a smartphone. Also, keep in mind the blood sample size that the glucometer takes up. New models that feature biometric technology require a less amount of blood along with giving lesser pain to the user.

Weighing Machines

Digital weighing machines are the new trend in health care. These machines are so advanced that they not only tell the weight but other important health aspects as well. These can include things such as ideal BMI ratio, stopwatches, timers and many others. Digital weighing machines simply show the weight on them in the form of numbers and last for a long period of time. High-quality ones have glass bases and tops to offer a sleeker look.