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Importance of outdoor umbrellas

Summer season with its scorching heat is in full form these days, making it difficult for people to stay outdoors during the daytime. However, we cannot completely avoid going out during the day. Therefore the best solution is to use an umbrella over our heads which prevents the sunrays to directly fall over our head. It is shaped in a way to provide sun shade. The design of the umbrella is such that it covers your entire form from the sun. You need to hold the umbrella handle while walking so that it provides shade wherever you go. An umbrella is used to protect you in drastic weather conditions such as during the summer heat as well as during the snowfall or excessive rains.

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There are a variety of umbrellas available in different styles and designs. An outdoor umbrella also has different sizes for different sizes of people. Jumia offers umbrellas online from men, women, and kids. These are available in an array of colors and patterns. The material and features of these umbrellas also differ, and so does the quality. The prices of these umbrellas are quite affordable at Jumia so that these are accessible to a large number of customers. Umbrellas are useful accessories to keep your physical appearance in check when you are outdoors, whether it’s to avoid sunburns or frizzy hair.

Types of umbrellas

Based on your needs and the weather conditions, there are different types of umbrellas. A perfect umbrella must be durable, yet stylish. Here are different types of umbrellas that have different uses.

Rain umbrellas:

Having waterproof canopies, a rain umbrella is best designed to protect you from the rain. Many people use full-size umbrellas during the rain which provide maximum coverage from the rain, thus avoiding your clothes and face from getting wet. There is an option of folding the umbrella so that it can automatically collapse.

Wind-resistant umbrellas:

A windproof umbrella is designed to keep your appearance intact in the windy weather. Not all umbrellas are strong enough to be used in such a weather. These are special umbrellas designed with a double canopy and are vented to allow wind to easily pass through the umbrellas, without damaging them. Such an umbrella has a sturdy frame.

Golf umbrellas:

People who play golf have oversized umbrellas to protect them from unexpected showers. A golf umbrella has a large-sized canopy as well as a long shaft. This is a folding umbrella as it can be placed in a golf bag after you’re done with the game. It is mostly white in color to avoid sunlight.

Patio umbrellas:

A patio is an outdoor seating area which needs to be covered from sunlight so patio umbrella is used for this purpose. These umbrellas can be mounted permanently and provide constant shade. This may also be known as a garden umbrella for both birds and humans.

Beach umbrellas:

To avoid sunburns and UV protection, beach umbrella is used which is clamped to the chair so that it does not fall. It is a clear umbrella with a flat, wide canopy to shield the users.