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Outdoor & Gardening Tools

Outdoor and Gardening items are very important for every home to not only have a clean interior but also a neat exterior. The outside of your home gives the first impression of how neat the inside is, so it is very essential to keep it very tidy. We offer authentic lawn mowers in Nigeria so ensure you shop with us when you want to look after your home or office garden. Sensor lights have a certain way of giving your home a modern and futuristic look whilst keeping your home safe, as you can see everything happening outside from inside your house. We offer quality outdoor supplies from trusted brands like Footful, Universal and so much more. You can lounge in your garden or terrace, while entertaining guests with the outdoor chairs available on Jumia. Add beauty to your home by making sure the exterior of your home is well looked after.

Outdoor and Gardening Equipment on Jumia

Discover a large selection of outdoor and garden items online at Jumia for your home and office. There are various kinds of garden equipment available for your use, it all depends on your personal taste, you can opt for lanterns with motion sensors, to detect movement and prevent unwanted intruders from getting into your home. Trim your garden with any of the lawn mowers or grass trimmers available on Jumia. You can have a mini barbeque party in your garden with our outdoor tables and lounge chairs. We make it easy for you to buy outdoor equipment in Nigeria from the comfort of your home.

Top Outdoor and Gardenning Tools