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Unveil the Future of Technology at the Jumia Tech Week 2024!

The Jumia 2024 tech week is here! From March 18th, 2024, to March 31st, 2024 you can enjoy the best prices and offers on the latest electronic gadgets. We have a wide selection of products that satisfies your low-budget and high-budget needs coupled with huge discounts plus free delivery. It's a week full of offers, coupons, voucher codes, flash sales, and various electronics deals! Think of it as a Black Friday for tech.

Discover Unbeatable Tech Week Offers!

Embark on a journey through innovation and excellence with the Jumia Tech Week 2024. As the digital horizon expands, we bring you exclusive access to the latest electronic gadgets, offering an unparalleled selection of devices that redefine the boundaries of technology. Whether you're in search of the latest phones in 2024 or aiming to explore the most advanced gaming systems, our Tech Week promises not just products, but gateways to new experiences.

Phones & Tablets: Revolutionize Your Communication

Dive into our extensive collection featuring the latest phones in Nigeria, including the most sought-after models of the year. With an array of the latest Android phones in Nigeria from top phone brands like Infinix and Tecno, you're sure to find the perfect device that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

Mobile Accessories: Enhance Your Device's Potential

Elevate your device's functionality with the best power banks in Nigeria and a selection of mobile accessories designed to complement your lifestyle. From the most reliable AirPods to the best earbuds and Bluetooth speakers on the market, we've got everything you need to stay connected, entertained, and on the move.

Computing & Computer Accessories: Power Your Productivity

For professionals and enthusiasts alike, our computing section showcases the best gaming laptop options, along with a variety of computer accessories that boost efficiency and enhance your gaming experience. Discover cutting-edge technology from brands like Xiaomi and Oraimo, ensuring your setup is equipped with nothing but the best.

Electronics & Appliances: Smart Solutions for Every Home

Our electronics and appliances category offers the latest innovations designed to simplify your life. From the best generator in Nigeria and prices that fit every budget, to sophisticated Haier Thermocool equipments that transform your living space, we have everything you need to create the perfect home environment.

Gaming: Enter New Worlds of Adventure

Gamers, get ready to level up! Explore our gaming category for the ultimate selection of consoles, games, and accessories. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, find the best gaming setups including consoles, VR equipment, and more, ensuring your gaming experience is truly immersive.

Top Brands at Your Fingertips: Infinix, Tecno, Xiaomi, and More!

At Jumia Tech Week 2024, we're proud to feature products from leading brands like Infinix, Tecno, Xiaomi, Oraimo, Itel, Binatone, and Haier Thermocool. With a commitment to quality and innovation, these brands offer the best in technology, making it easier than ever to find the perfect gadgets and accessories for your tech-savvy lifestyle.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Journey into the Future of Tech

Prepare to be amazed by the wealth of technology at your fingertips during Jumia Tech Week 2024. With unbeatable tech week offers across a wide range of categories including Phones & Tablets, Mobile Accessories, Computing, Computer Accessories, Electronics, Appliances, and Gaming, there's something for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the latest electronic gadgets and embrace the future of technology today.

Embrace innovation. Explore the future. Experience Jumia Tech Week 2024.

All you need to know about Tech Week 2024

❤️ When is it starting?

The event starts on March 18th and ends on March 31st. Stay hooked to shop all the best deals on mobile devices, tablets, and electronics.

Do you need Gift Ideas for Family & Friends?

We have curated several gift bundles you can give your friends and family. You will surely find what they will love! We have amazing offers on headphones, mobile chargers, sound systems, Bluetooth speakers, and more during Tech Week 2024

Can I Buy Quality Phone Accessories?

Yes, you can! We have official stores like Oraimo, Edifier, Samsung, Xiaomi, Tecno, Fitbit, and many more where you can get quality earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, chargers, and a whole lot more!

Are There Any Jumia Promo?

Yes, there are always top Jumia Promos, discount vouchers, deals, and Games from us! The treasure hunt, flash sales, Jumia Tower, etc. There is also an assortment of products based on your budget. We have products in the 10,000 Naira range, 50,000 Naira range, 100,000 Naira range, and so on! You are guaranteed to get what you want at cheaper prices! Let's help you upgrade your tech for less!