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Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus On Jumia Nigeria

Ever imagined what the wonder of the next generation of smart mobile technology would be like? It is time to step out of your dreamland and watch it unveiled in the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lineup. This lineup containing the premium Note 10, 10 Plus, and 10 Plus 5G is the smartphone world’s most advanced devices ever. Released in August 2019 as an upgrade from the previous Note 9, these devices are much more than you could ever imagine. You can call them the next smartphone level. You get the best of everything, from the operation and performance to the design and display, you can be sure to get all you ever desired and imagined.


With the world going crazy about getting the best outlook and design on your phone, Samsung has decided not to disappoint. These devices are the perfect representation of unique and alluring. With the above 6” sizes, you would be expecting a device too large for comfort. However, you would be surprised. The phones are made to very light adding very little weight to your pocket or purse. They are also designed to be slim and easy to handle with your hands. The ergonomic grip allows you to scroll the whole length of your device typing and clicking with stressing your fingers. You also get an adorable look on this exquisite design with the aluminum frame sandwiched between the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 front and rear glass panels. The colors are made to be vibrant and polished. You also get an IP68 water and dust resistance certification on both devices.


Prepare to be wowed with the amount of viewing experience you would be getting on these devices. If you are a lover of large screens that give you enough room to watch your movies or play your games, then this is your lucky chance. The smaller Note 10 comes with a 6.3” display size with 401ppi density while the Note 10+ comes with a 6.8” display with 498 ppi density. With these resolution details, you can expect to get the best of sharp and detailed views. For you to enjoy the best of your display, you now get the full view of your screen with the Infinity-O display. The front camera is made to be very tiny in a laser-cut hole discreetly positioned to give you maximum use of your screen. This is the best of bezel-less trend yet.


You sure can expect that these world-class devices would not disappoint on the camera level. The phones have a simple 10MP superlens for the front camera. They are equipped with the 16MP Ultra-Wide camera with a 123-degree wide view, 12MP wide-angle lens, and 12MP Telephoto lens with super-sharp 2x optical zoom. The Note 10 Plus gets an extra camera with the depth vision lens. With the introduction of this lens, your Note 10+ is more than just a camera phone. You also get amazing software enhanced beautification details on your pictures and videos. With details like special effects, bokeh effects, zoom-in mic, hi-motion, slow-motion, you get to shoot like a professional.


Enjoy memory capacity like never before. You get a whopping 512GB internal memory storage which you can extend by an extra 1TB using the microSD card slot on the 10+ model. Note 10 has a lower 256GB internal memory storage without the extension capacity. It also makes use of a dual SIM slot while the Note 10+ has a hybrid SIM slot where you can choose a dual connection or one SIM and 1 microSD.


The phones are designed to run on the latest customized One UI skin based on the Android 9.0 operating system. To get the most use of your phone, you now get your fingerprint sensor as an on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This vault-like security style helps you to keep your phone, data, and apps at top security detail.


In performance, these devices are made to be as efficient as your laptops. They are equipped with not just highly detailed units but also smart and AI-enhanced details. Note 10 has a whopping 8GB RAM capacity while the 10+ has the 12GB RAM capacity. You also get the heavy and super Octa-core Exynos 9825 processor paired with the Mali-G76 MP12 graphics unit.

Battery and Accessories

You would wonder how much power a super device like these ones would need to keep going. The devices are equipped with an optimized performance level that helps to conserve energy consumption. The Note 10 houses a 3500mAh battery capacity while the Note 10 Plus uses a whopping 4300mAh battery. Once your battery is draining, you can get it back up in shape as fast as you would like with the 25W super-fast charging feature. You can also decide to move on with the cordless life and use the wireless charging feature. Just as released in its predecessors, you also get to make use of the amazing Wireless PowerShare that allows you to reverse-charge other compatible devices and accessories without the use of cables. With a screen this large, you do not have to always use your fingers to make use of your phone. The highly sensitive and intelligent stylus pen available is more than sufficient to give you ease in all of your daily operations, be it typing, drawing, taking notes or playing games.



Note 10

Note 10 Plus


6.3-inch; 1080x2280 pixels

6.8-inch; 1440x3040 pixels


10MP front; 16MP+12MP+12MP rear

10MP front; 16MP+12MP+12MP+depth vision rear








256GB; No SD card