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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price & Specification

Samsung has officially unveiled its latest flagship device; the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This smartphone sits among the S9 series, it is packed with powerful features that assure you of an amazing user- experience. Without a doubt, the newly manufactured Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s biggest most powerful smartphone designed this year. The device is an upgraded version of the previous flagship models Galaxy S9 & S9+ with some iconic Note-series features embedded. Although the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 look alike in terms of its body design, the top-notch features added to this smartphone gives it a supreme edge. The new Note series device comes with amazing features that would blow your mind away. Let’s talk about some of this features.

Body Design & Display Screen

Samsung is known for paying very close attention to the quality of its body build, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not an exception. One of the first things that attract you to this phone is its body design. It comes in a beautiful, sleek and attractive metal aluminum frame with cut edges that gives it a unique style and sets it apart from other smartphones. The in-hand-feel of the new Note is similar to the Note 8. It is quite broad and makes it difficult to use but with the newly designed S-Pen and features like the 3D touch home button, usage with one hand has turned out to be a lot better than what is expected. The bezels are a lot smaller, the dual camera system is located at the back and the fingerprint scanner has been moved from the side of the camera to below the camera. Although it's a tiny change it makes a huge difference for usability. You can find the USB Type-C port, loudspeaker, Audio Jack and S Pen dock at the bottom. The Bixby button is present on the left edge but, this time the option to disable it was removed. The massive display screen of this smartphone is everything. It is safe to say that this is the best display screen designed by Samsung. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a gorgeous 6.4 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that works great both indoors and outdoors. The new Note 9 has the largest infinity display ever. You’re sure to enjoy an amazing entertainment experience as you can now watch your favorite movies and play games on a much wider screen. The smartphone has a Quad HD plus a screen resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels with 516ppi that comes with beautiful, bright, vivid and bold colors that automatically adjust its contrast based on the amount of light. Irrespective of whether you are indoors or under the sunlight, you are sure to enjoy clear pictures and details. The screen is protected by the Gorilla Glass 5, you don't have to panic when there is an accident.

Battery Capacity

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a much bigger battery capacity of 4000mAh that is designed to last all day. Experience a totally different level of power with this device. This is the kind of phone you would like to go on a long journey with; as long your phone is fully charged, you can leave your charger at home and get through the day on a single charge. The battery life is solid, you can surf the internet, listen to music all day, go about your normal activities and still not have any form of worry. The 4000mAh battery can stretch to a day of moderate to heavy usage, even with the display set to maximum resolution. There is Wireless Charging Support feature with Quick Charging 2.0. That enables you to power up really fast without using any form of wire.

The All-New S-Pen Feature

The S-Pen feature is what differentiates the Samsung Note from any other phone, it has been in existence since the invention of the Note 3. The Stylus pen that comes with the new Note is quite similar but this time, it is an upgraded version with enhanced features. This S-pen can now control over 7 devices from a distance over Bluetooth. Isn't that amazing? With its Bluetooth capabilities you can operate your phone from a distance without stress. It can also control Spotify music control, camera apps, Snapchat, Powerpoint, Youtube and a lot more. You can recharge the stylus pen by inserting it into the device, it can be charged to 100 percent within 1 minute and used for over 30 minutes. A lot of business executives love to use Note phones because of the convenience that comes with it. They could conveniently sign official documents even when they are not in the office. This is one of the greatest features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Camera & Memory Storage

Samsung outdid themselves with the invention of an amazing and intelligent camera. The new Note 9 comes with an AI-powered dual-camera setup on the rear panel, with the company’s DualPixel technology. There is the dual 12P sensors have a variable aperture (F/2.4 & F/1.5) just like that of the Galaxy S9+... The dual aperture feature is designed to adjust to any form of light so you can take pictures in low light and it would turn out beautiful. The Intelligent scene detection feature that comes with the camera is one of the strongest selling points of the Note 9. The camera performance is top notch especially when it comes to capturing images in low light. If you are a phone photographer and you have been looking for the best device to capture really great photos, you should consider the New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in your list of options. The camera captures vivid, clear, beautiful and bright photos, the images turn out really well and shots show a wide dynamic range. The Note 9 camera also comes with other features like the 2X optical zoom, portrait mode, slow-motion video capture and a lot more to give you a fantastic user experience. If you love to take selfies, you’re not left out. There is the 8MP front camera that captures beautiful selfies with your family and friends. Samsung totally canceled the option of a micro SD card with this smartphone. The new Note 9 comes with an internal memory storage of 512GB which is large enough to meet your multimedia needs.


The performance of this phone is really great. The new Note 9 runs on the Android 8.1 (Oreo) which can be upgraded to the Android (9.0)+ Samsung Grace UX + Bixby virtual assistant. It is also powered by the Octa-core (4x2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A55. Applications and games run much faster on this new device.

Other Features

This device comes with quite a number of features, there is the Samsung Dex feature. This feature enables you to connect your smartphone directly to a pad and get your contents on a big screen. The feature functions just like the Microsoft’s Windows Continuum that extends Windows Phones to a PC. You can control your smartphone from a single cable. The device comes with basic security features like software screen lock (PIN, Password, pattern, etc.), Fingerprint scanner, the Iris scanner as well as the face recognition.