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Where To Buy HP Envy Online

As one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, HP has been delivering laptops with premium specifications and features for all budget and performance range. This means that if you want a low-end laptop as a student with minimal performance need, or one with a super performance for your timely work delivery, HP would always have a model for you. The HP Envy laptops and notebooks were launched in 2009 with high performing specifications, ideal for heavy duty usage. The old models include the Envy 13, 14, 15 and 17 computers while the new models stem from the rebranded Pavilion series.

Named by their sizes, the older Envy models were known for their unrivaled battery life, that allows you to work for as long as you want conveniently anywhere, without worrying about charging. The 13 model is a small and slim ultrabook with a 13.1” display. The Spectre XT is 13” too and has a multi-touch trackpad. The 14 models have a 14.5” display, backlit keyboard and dynamic graphics processor delivering so much on your gaming or graphics works. The 14 Spectre has a gorilla glass screen and buttonless multi-touch trackpad. The 15 models use more recent and updated processors. The Spectre XT TouchSmart is 15.6” with a 1080 pixel resolution and a buttonless multi-touch trackpad. The largest of the pack is the 17” models with necessary basic features and backlit keyboard too. The 17 3D has a 3D Full HD display and 3D glasses for views.

With changes in technology, HP has developed and updated its ultrabook lineup to feature amazing innovative specifications and designs. The X2 models are 2-in-1 PCs with touchscreens and detachable keyboards, allowing them to function as laptops and tablets likewise. There are the 11.6”, 12.3”, and 13.3” models, they are sized to ease their uses as tablets. The Dv6 is a rebrand of the previous Pavilion Dv6 and is sized at 15.6-inches. The new updates have a lifted hinge design with a Full HD display. The Dv7 are also known as the 17t and are equipped with high-end processors that give a super performance. There are the Dv7z variants with AMD processors and the Dv7t variants with powerful Intel processors.

Buy HP Envy On Jumia Nigeria

Enjoy the best of personal computing with laptops that have detailed and powerful specifications to serve your every purpose, while still looking sleek and stylish as always. Shop your HP Envy PCs on Jumia Nigeria at the most affordable prices around. Enjoy innovative technologies like the fingerprint sensor, 4K UHD display, 178-degree viewing angles, dual display support, audio boost, and SmartAmp technology.