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Where To Buy HP Omen Online In a world where gaming is fast becoming a primary source of entertainment in families, clubs, and even companies, especially amongst the male folks, it is only expected that the top manufacturer of computing systems in the world, HP, would develop their own gaming computers. Since the versatility and dynamics of playing games cannot be matched on the regular laptops, the HP Omen gaming laptops are developed with sharp and agile display and high-performance specifications to give you unrivaled gaming experience. The laptops are designed in two major categories- the Omen and the Omen X series. Named according to their sizes as 15t or 17t, they are generally in 15.6” and 17.3” sizes to give you enough viewing room for your uses. The systems make use of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processor, that allows you to enjoy seamless gaming experience without any issues. The systems have dedicated memory for the graphics processing unit, to allow it to perform at remarkable speeds. The 15t has 2GB for this, asides the CPU RAM. They are also built to support Virtual Reality gaming options. They have Full HD or 4k display type to allow you to enjoy elite gaming visuals. They are consistently being upgraded to give improved features and specifications to meet the growing needs and demands of users. The Omen X series provides innovative technology features that can be resolved to be the best around. With these laptops, you get more than just a gaming system, but a mouth-watering technology break-out that offers you limitless experience. Buy HP Omen On Jumia Nigeria Have your gaming experience redefined and enhanced with the different models of the HP Omen PCs on Jumia Nigeria. We offer you a wide variety to suit your every purpose, all at affordable prices. With the inbuilt Bang & Olufsen dual speakers, you do not need an external speaker. The batteries charge fast and have low power consumption despite its heavy duty uses. Using the filter engine on our platform allows you to streamline the available choices to just the ones that fit perfectly within your budget. Shop now and enjoy swift delivery to your doorsteps.