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Buy Innjoo Phones in Nigeria

Innjoo is a Chinese company which specializes in the manufacturing of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and accessories. It is a fast growing mobile phone brand with a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa. Most Innjoo smart phones run on Android OS, but today, the company is really diversifying and incorporating other OS like Windows as can be seen in their newly launched Innjoo Leap 2Tablet device. This brand is gradually growing in Nigeria to compete with brands such as Tecno, Infinix, Gionee and other smartphone brands. In Nigeria especially, Innjoo has long turned into a well-known brand especially after the release of the Innjoo i1, i1s, i2 and now, the i2s and Innjoo Note.

Latest Innjoo Smartphones on Jumia

Looking for the best place to get all models of Innjoo smartphones? Jumia, Nigeria is the best place to be. Here, you will find a wide selection of Injoo mobile phones and tablets at really affordable prices. Jumia ensures that all its customers enjoy fast delivery like no other platform as well as the best prices you can find anywhere. You can get all your latest Innjoo mobile phones such as Innjoo Max 3, Innjoo Max 2, Innjoo Max, Innjoo F3 7 Dual Core, Innjoo Fire, and many more at the best Innjoo Phone prices in Nigeria.

The Innjoo brand is known for manufacturing smartphones and tablets which come packed with really cool specifications. The Innjoo Max 3 boasts a 6.0 inch display, a massive 4000mAh battery, a fingerprint sensor and many more; the Innjoo 2 boasts a cool metal body, a fingerprint sensor and many more cool features. In general you will definitely enjoy amazing features with Innjoo smartphones such as great camera mega pixels, and many more. The awesome thing is that you can get all these packages at affordable prices at the range of 18,000 naira to 58,000 all depending on the features you want. You can also get all your mobile phone accessories here at affordable prices.