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Where to buy Innjoo Phones & Tablets Online?

Discover Innjoo phones and tablets on Jumia that comes with unique innovations and design to definitely redefine your social lifestyle. The brand offers you an operating system of Android 5.0 Lollipop that logs you on to the world for you to have access to various apps you need to download from the play store; giving you the device that lets you work and have unlimited fun. Jumia offers you a stunning sleek smartphone in Nigeria that comes with superb features for you to purchase online with no hassles. Fast capacitive touchscreen with great colour separation and gives you a perfectly smooth experience as your fingers slides to open as many apps that will take you from business to entertainment for you to enjoy HD videos and play mind blowing 3D games at just one touch.

Innjoo Mobile Phones on Jumia

Innjoo notes, tablets and phones are known for their light weight, stylish and sleek designs as well as wide screen display. Get the Innjoo Max 2 & Max 2 plus smartphone that comes in dual SIM while offering you Quad core processor with GHz speed that races speedily when it comes to browsing online giving you a whole new realistic experience for you to be excited. The Innjoo mobile is a Chinese phone manufacturer based in United Arab Emirates that offers you a smartphone your hand can handle. Innjoo phones support a wide variety of services like Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G connectivity for social networking, Bluetooth for sharing multimedia files with friends, business applications, memory space and battery life. Discover the best price of Innjoo F2 tablet online at Jumia. Get the Innjoo 2 smartphone that comes with fingerprint sensor and breath taking aesthetic design on Jumia. Innjoo mobile phones and accessories are available for you on Jumia Nigeria at affordable prices.