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Horror Movies Online

On Jumia you will find different genre of films including horror movies. We have a long horror movies list, you will be spoilt for choice. These horror movies will keep you at the edge of your seat. They will deal with your hidden fears, nightmare, revulsions and fear of the unknown. The horror movies we have online are based on different story lines and plots that greatly involves the intrusion of evils, strange events or people. In all of the horror movies online at Jumia, the popular elements includes ghosts, vampires, serial killers, demons, werewolves gore, zombies, cannibals , vicious animals and more. These movies will hold you spell bound and you will never get enough of them. Select your favourite horror movie and we will deliver to you anywhere in Nigeria.

Horror Movies on Jumia

Jumia offers you horror movies based on true stories and the ones based on fiction. Our collection of horror movies includes The Running Dead, Dark House, Fright Night, Insiduos, Zombie Massacre, Open Grave, Osombie, Hellbenders, The Haunting in Connecticut, Texas Chainsaw, Evidence and more. They come in original DVD and blu-ray disc that will ensure you get value for your money. When you shop on Jumia, you will enjoy flexible payment option and our network of nationwide delivery. Purchase the horror movie you like and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. There is never a dull moment when you watch horror movies, it will keep you alert and entertained. You can create your own cinema at home with our horror movie collection.