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Find all types of Science Fictions Movies and Fantasy Novels

If you love nothing more than a good read, then you can easily select from a number of genres of books. From recent best sellers to beloved classics, science fiction books are quite popular. This is a very interesting DVD because it explores different imaginary worlds, characters, and creatures. People are quite involved in Sci-Fi and fantasy DVDs in Nigeria because of the unique storylines. Jumia is offering shoppers with a wide collection of DVDs online. One can easily get the perfect DVD without any problems. Whether you are looking for DVDs about romance, drama, comedy.

Time Travel Fiction

This topic is perhaps the most loved and discussed one in Sci-fi books. The whole concept revolves around traveling back into the past or future. People love knowing about these things because it is a unique topic, to begin with. The storyline usually revolves around one character who can travel to the past to fix his or her mistakes. Or perhaps go into the future and look at it.

Hard Science Fiction

This revolves around scientific facts and is quite close to reality than just being a fantasy. Topics related to military, space and other issues are highlighted in such novels.

Apocalyptic Fiction

This genre is very interesting to explore and a number of people are interested in knowing about it. Basically, the whole concept of the world ending has been around for many centuries. People want to experience it while they are living. Reading about it or watching movies on this fiction is enjoyed by a number of readers.

Sociological science fiction

These books are very character-driven placing emphasis on personal psychology, social interactions and changes. Technology can play a vital role in these novels and how it affects a person or groups of people.