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Buy Quality Hand Towels Online in Nigeria

Hand towels help to mop our hands. According to research, wet hands transmit more bacteria than dry hands. You just finished using the toilet, you washed your hands and you don’t clean them still means you can still have bacteria on your hand. With the help of hand towels, you are sure to reduce bacterial infections to the minimum possible level. You might be in the kitchen, your hands are wet after washing and you want to handle a knife or a glass cup. Most kitchen injuries are caused by wet hands, all because we do not clean our hands whenever they are wet. This should be a big deal like that since you can shop for quality hand towels online on Jumia Nigeria. Hand towels are made from several materials like cotton, wool, rayon, bamboo, non-woven fibre, and paper. Depending on the one you need, the fact still remains that hand towels are helpful household accessory regardless of their sizes, designs and pattern. When shopping online for hand towels, you should consider if you want to use it in the kitchen or bathroom because it is good practice to have different hand towels for different uses to help reduce cross-contamination.

Hand Towels on Jumia Nigeria

Get lovely and colourful hand towels of different sizes on Jumia Nigeria at very cheap and affordable prices. We bring to you unique hand towels that are made from pure raw materials, beautifully woven to perfection and very durable. We have a wide range of new hand towels for you to choose from. You can also buy in bulk since hand towels have different uses in the house and using one hand towel is not hygienic. Only on Jumia Nigeria will you get the best.