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Buy Bath Towels On Jumia Nigeria

Whenever you come into contact with water, you need a towel to dry yourself. Whether it’s after taking a bath or washing dishes or clothes, you use a towel to dry up. This piece of cloth is used daily and that too a number of times. Neat and clean towels will ensure a proper hygiene and avoid redness on your skin after a slight rubbing. This is a useful accessory that is used by all ages and gender of people. These are the most essential bathroom accessories that are both practical and functional. These are soft to touch and quite breathable, thus these are frequently used every day.

Buy towels online from Jumia

Though ranging from luxurious to basic, towels have one purpose, which is to keep you dry and warm. These are available in different styles and designs. They also vary in quality. A huge variety of towels are available online at Jumia for the customer convenience. Towels prices in Nigeria are also quite affordable at Jumia so that these are accessible to all. The price also depends on the quality of the fabric which ranges from premium to budget. There are also different styles and sizes of towels available at Jumia that are soft and comfortable to use. These are highly absorbent towels and provide ultimate drying experience to the customer.

How to buy towels?

There are certain essential features that must be looked upon when deciding to buy a towel for yourself. Let’s have a look at these items.


Different types of fabric have different properties that help you in buying a suitable towel. A cotton towel, especially made of Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton is super-absorbent and comfortable. It has extra-long fibres that are designed to be long-lasting and durable. There are also microfiber towels that are made of man-made fibre. Though these enable you to dry really fast, they do not give you a plush feeling when in contact with your skin. A microfiber towel is considered an ideal bath towel since it dries off your skin quickly. There are also GSM and Ply towels that are heavier in weight than others.

Styles of towels:

There are certain decorative towels that have different designs and patterns on them, so these are perfect for bedding and bath. These towels are often luxurious and are available in different colours ranging from subtle to bold. There are certain microfiber towels that are perfect for travelling, since these are lightweight and allow quick dry. Other house towels are fluffy and extra-soft that can be used in kitchens to dry the cookware, etc. Moreover, there are beach towels, that are not only pretty to look but are also ultra fluffy. Due to their appealing style, you can confidently use them in public.


Towels can be long enough to cover your entire body or small enough to dry the cookware. They vary in size. A newborn’s towel is different in size than that of an adult.