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Drinking water, also known as drinkable distilled water , is water that can be drank, and has be certified safe to drink or used for preparation for food, without worry of health complications . Drinking unhygienic can result in infectious diarrhea, like typhoid and cholera among others. That is why jumia ensure it only features the healthiest brands and producers of water.

Drinking Water on Jumia

Water is very essential for life. The amount of drinking water required by every human varies. It is dependant on the individual's physical activity, health issues, age, and environment, For those in Nigeria working in a hotter climate, at least 16 liters a day is suitable . Water in the human body makes up about 60% of their weight for men and 55% for women. And for Infants about 70% to 80% water .This shows us how important it is to only have clean and purified water all the time , for drinking or cooking water shop on jumia Nigeria. Get dispenser water and the best bottle waters at very affordable prices today on jumia market