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DVA Character Mouse Pad Large XXL Anime Gamer PC Desk Mat

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Product details

The mouse pad refers to a small pad under the mouse. It is mainly designed to prevent the surface reflection and refraction of special materials such as glass from affecting the positioning of the photoreceptor of the mouse, and to provide a plane that is convenient for the mouse photoreceptor system to calculate the movement vector. , to facilitate people's work. According to the different materials, it can be divided into soft pad and hard pad. The mouse is essential as a standard input device, and with the continuous development of personal computers, its role is gradually surpassing the keyboard. However, a good horse needs a good saddle, and a good mouse is no exception. Its best partner is a mouse pad.
The advantage of the mouse pad is to protect the desktop used by the mouse, and the desktop will not be damaged during the use of the mouse. It can reduce the accumulation of debris at the bottom of the mouse to a limited extent, thereby reducing the phenomenon of frame skipping on the display during the use of the mouse, effectively enhancing the precise positioning of the mouse during use, and reducing the impact of various external factors on the mouse. The disadvantage of not using a mouse pad is that it cannot ensure the accuracy of the mouse positioning, and the wear of the feet on the bottom of the mouse is too large.
The price of mouse pads on the market today varies greatly, ranging from two yuan to several hundred yuan. You can't pursue extremes in everything. You can decide according to your own mouse grade. Generally speaking, it is not an exaggeration to match a mouse of about 100 yuan with a mouse pad of more than ten yuan. Mouse pad products are mainly divided into six materials: traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, glass material, metal material and coating. These six materials have their own characteristics. The following will analyze and comment on them in combination with the above technical indicators.
mouse pad
mouse pad
Most mouse pads are made of rubber or cloth. The surface texture of these products has a large friction force, which is convenient for the movement and positioning of the mechanical mouse. Moreover, the price is low, it is easy to carry, and the sales volume in the market is very large. Especially in the field of advertising mouse pads are liked by everyone.
In order to cooperate with the new optical mouse, some manufacturers have also introduced mouse pads made of glass, aluminum and other materials. They are characterized by a special texture on the surface, which increases the sensitivity and feel of light reflection, and is easy to clean. However, its material increases the wear and tear of the mouse, and there may be subtle sounds when moving. When selecting, pay attention to whether the surface of the mouse pad is flat, and reject some products with burrs and uneven texture on the surface. Also pay attention to whether the product is easily deformed. For example, some products are all made of raw rubber and are thin, which are very easy to be permanently bent during use. There are also the more popular silicone mouse pads.
Cloth: As we all know, the cloth mouse pad is a kind of popular mouse pad product, and its application range is the widest, and the cloth mouse pad is also the mainstream mouse pad product on the market. Cloth pads are the most widely used mouse pads, mainly divided into traditional cloth pads and coated cloth pads. Ordinary cloth mouse pads are mostly made of extremely fine cloth attached to a piece of rubber, and the back is made of herringbone natural rubber to play a non-slip effect. Because the company's product pictures and contact information can be transferred and printed through sublimation, it has achieved the effect of advertising.


Key Features

  • BrandName:OIMG

  • Origin:CN(Origin)

  • Material:Rubber

  • BrandName:Pickyymay

  • Origin:CN(Origin)

  • Material:Rubber

  • Package:Yes

  • ProductsStatus:STOCK

  • Size1:800x400/900x400mm

  • Size2:700x400/900x300mm

  • Size3:800x300/700x300mm

  • Size4:600x300/600x350mm

  • Version:Mousepad

  • Style:RadiationProtectio

  • Feature1:gamingmousepad,mousepadgamer

  • Feature2:gamingmousepad,mousepadgamer

  • Feature3:largemousepad,xxlmousepad

  • Feature4:keyboardmat,deskmat,mausemat

  • Feature5:AnimeMousePad,MouseCarpet

  • Feature6:MousepadGaming,GamingMousePad

  • Feature7:AnimeMousePad,MousepadAnime

  • Feature8:PlayMat,PadmouseAnime

  • Feature9:PCGamerComputer,mousewireless

  • Feature10:gelmousepadanime,animeintimateaccessories

  • Feature11:mousepadanimeman,keyboardmechan

  • Feature12:kawaiimousepad,mosuepadkawaii

  • Feature13:gamingaccessories,tapisdesouris

  • Feature14:mousepadgamer,mousepads

  • Feature15:mousepad,Artmousepad

  • Measurementunit:100000015

  • Soldin:sell_by_piece

  • eachpack:1

  • Packageweight:0.630

  • Packagesize-length(cm):41

  • Packagesize-height(cm):6

  • Packagesize-width(cm):6

What’s in the box



  • Model: SHUBIAODIAN111
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 20 x 15 x 23
  • Weight (kg): 0.98
  • Color: 15 300x600x2mm
  • Main Material: Synthetic

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DVA Character Mouse Pad Large XXL Anime Gamer PC Desk Mat

DVA Character Mouse Pad Large XXL Anime Gamer PC Desk Mat

₦ 18,477
₦ 22,54918%
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