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Buy Gloves online from Jumia

You may consider gloves, caps, etc. as small or irrelevant accessories but they often make a huge fashion statement. These accessories depict your style and personality and add to a man’s sex appeal. These gloves not only provide warmth in the winter chill but also keep your hands soft and smooth. Buying gloves is a fashion investment which can be used repeatedly during the winters with a number of outfits. gloves online shopping can be done from Jumia which offers all the latest collection and variety of gloves. Gloves are often a necessity for those driving a bike or doing some harsh work which might cause calluses on their fingers. Gloves prices in Nigeria are quite affordable at Jumia and are mostly based on the style and the material quality. These are highly demanded, especially in the winters.

Types of Gloves commonly used today

Gloves not only keep you warm but are also a symbol of elegance and class. They must be comfortable and warm, yet highly fashionable. Fitness gloves in Nigeria that are commonly used are as below.

Leather gloves:

These are the most commonly worn men gloves. It is traditional and mostly fitted in style. These are best for practical use since the fingers or hands do not impede. These are durable and have different designs and shapes embellished on them. These gloves often have silk or cashmere lining for comfort.

Leather gloves:

These gloves are less warm and usually made of thin material so that you can have a strong grip on your vehicle. Apart from looking smart, these gloves also require easy hand movements which enable you to drive conveniently. These gloves are mostly made of leather or suede.

Knitted gloves:

Mostly made of wool or cashmere, these gloves are soft and breathable. They keep your fingers warm during the winters. Many of the knitted gloves have varying patterns and designs that often make a bold statement. Some have the logo of popular brands, some have stripes, while others have geometric patterns, etc.


These gloves are different from the other gloves. They do not have separate fingers. Instead, there is a four finger covering and thumb covering. Mostly made of lambskin, these luxurious gloves are cozy and best for insulation.

Fingerless gloves:

Mostly made of knitted material or cotton, these gloves do not over your fingers. You can freely move your fingers and use your phone or drive easily. You can buy gloves online from Jumia.

Waterproof gloves:

The basic purpose of these gloves is not to keep you warm but to ensure your hands are waterproof. Many of these gloves are made of thermal-protective fabric which allows high breathability. These gloves are comfortable to wear and not at all bulky.

Things to consider when buying Gloves

Decide how frequently you shall be wearing your gloves. Select the exact size for your hands. Something to lose or tight will keep you uncomfortable. Buy the right color that goes with different outfits.