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Fitness and health go hand in hand. These can both be achieved if you follow an exercise regime. Whether you are exercising at home or at the gym, there are certain exercise accessories that help improve your workout. Exercise bands are one such fitness accessory that helps improve your balance, strengthen your muscles, and can help in strenuous workouts. These are used by both men and women during their fitness activity. You can buy a variety of exercise bands in Nigeria that are available at Jumia. These bands are durable and reliable. They are also produced in different shapes and designs for the convenience of the customers. Exercise bands price in Nigeria is also quite affordable at Jumia so that they are accessible to a large number of people.

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There are different types of bands used during exercise which have different features and functions. Each of the band is made of different material and has varying level of technology in it to enhance your fitness. Here are some of the commonly used bands.


Due to advancement in technology, the wristbands also have a tracker placed in them. Some fitness bands are still made of nylon or other fabric that fits perfectly around your wrist. These are worn to provide support to your wrist and avoid any injury while weight lifting or using dumbbells. Some of the advanced wristbands have sensors that measure the heart rate, and the calories burnt while doing a certain exercise. These trackers also help you count the number of times you do an exercise. Since they have a monitor, they help you set goals for the fitness regime. These wristbands also have apps and internet access so that you can remain in contact with personal life while exercising.

Resistance bands:

These are inexpensive fitness tools that are used by people of all ages and fitness levels. Resistance bands are usually light and have different resistance levels. It is easier to modify your workouts according to the resistance bands. These are mostly used for body strengthening exercises. They are flexible and move in different directions. They also prevent injury as you can exercise the isolated muscles in case of intense exercise. They heal your muscles without burdening the joints, muscles, tendons, etc.

Loop bands:

These are stretchable and elastic bands that are used during a fitness therapy. Exercise loop bands are easily available in a pack of 3 or 4 at discounted rates so that you can use another when one is elastically impaired. These are best used for Pilates and ensure the strength and flexibility of muscles. You can tie them around your knees or thighs and then stretch while lying on the ground and get stronger thigh muscles. These are also known as body shaper bands as they also target the abs. You can also do crunches while wearing the band on the waist and get your body toned up.