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Gym is the place which can do wonders in shaping human body and giving the new air of fitness. Many of us consider it highly significant in going to gym and having sessions to have a perfect body. But the place without essentials is not quite valuable for fitness-enthusiasts. They require the stuff that can help in such tasks. One of those entities is the gym mat. For training sessions and also for a particular sort of safety, the foam pieces are required. They are usually placed on the floor and have the thickness of nearly 1.5 to 2.8 inches. The plastic or vinyl lining usually covers the foam and the density also varies to a very soft material to firm one. Many exercise types involve the gym mats except few of the activities like pommel horse, vault, and floor exercise.

Exercise mats online shopping is fun as this quite the easy way to get the gym product at home without visiting various exercise shops. For this vital purpose, Jumia is demonstrating the reduced exercise mats price with some other services like safe shipment and cash on delivery for the customers with sheer honesty.

Types of exercise mats in Nigeria

Yoga Mat

Yoga requires lots of standing poses and even the sitting postures. It is a kind of spiritual activity that is healthy for mind and soul. For this purpose, the mats for yoga are thin so that the gymnast can feel the floor. These gym mats in Nigeria also prevent the slipping. The variety of the texture depends upon the requirement, it can be either natural or can have raised impressions. The typical measurements include the thickness of 0.12 to 0.24 inches, a width of 22 to 33 inches and length of 47 to 75 inches.

Pilates mat

Pilates mat is a bit thicker than the other ones especially as compared to a yoga mat. Its measurements vary a bit with the width of 23 to 39 inches, length of 55 to 85 inches and thickness of 1.5 to 1.9 centimeters. The gripping facility at the bottom avoids the slipping of a mat. The upper surface is bit slippers for easily performing the Pilates steps.

Heavy duty exercise mat

Heavy duty gym mats are not only heavy but also the thickness more than other kinds of mats. This feature supports the spine, neck, knees, and ankles of the athlete. The heavyweight does not allow them to move too often so it is best to keep them at one place in-house.

Consider few points before exercise mats’ online shopping

Exercise mats in Nigeria come up with styles with aesthetic shades and designs. if you like to avail of fitness benefits with style then choose the chic styles of mats. Carefully the functions of each kind of mat so that you can precisely buy the right good for your exercise routine at home. Carrying case is the optional choice particularly for the yoga mats. If you travel a lot and like to take the gym essentials with you, then this case will be a better ware.