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Importance of using exercise balls for fitness

You might have often seen gym balls rolling around aimlessly in the gym. These are remarkably beneficial in improving your health and fitness. Make sure it is a major part of your daily workout. Gym balls are air-filled so they are lightweight and comfortable to use. These balls help to improve your body’s flexibility by stretching your muscles and improving your joints functioning. They also enforce spine alignment and can be used as a therapy for back strain or any other injuries. These are also known as balance balls since they allow you to maintain a proper posture as well as strengthen the muscle balance.

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Exercise balls keep your body refresh when it is completely stressed or drained. It is one of the best fitness therapy that you can use at homes or at the gym, under the instructions of the trainer. It is a muscle strengthening exercise that has numerous health and medicinal benefits. You can buy exercise balls in Nigeria online from Jumia which offers them in different sizes. Thee balls have varying weights. Exercise balls price is also quite affordable at Jumia so that these are accessible to a large number of people. These equipment are safe to use by everyone, except for those with medical issues.

Types of exercise balls

Also known as yoga balls, since they ensure fitness and stability, these balls are designed in a variety, based on their specific purposes. There is a right ball for the right type of exercise. Let’s have a look at these balls and their features.

Swiss balls:

These balls are a variety of sizes and are mostly used for muscle training or complete body training. These can be used as a support when doing crunches. These balls increase the overall flexibility and balance when doing any type of movement. The right ball is determined based on the height of the user. This is essential because the right side of the ball is one which allows you to sit upright so that your feet touch the floor.

Burst-resistant balls:

These balls are a bit heavier in size and used mostly by obese people. They will not be torn apart when available with the pets or children.

Medicine balls:

Mostly made of leather or rubber, these are weighted balls since they have sand filled in them to add to their weight. These balls can be used as an alternative to dumbbells are best to use if the ball can roll instead of bouncing.

Bosu balls:

These are dome-shaped balls and more versatile than exercise balls. These balls have both the round and flat surfaces and are used for strength training to attain balance.

Massage balls:

These balls are ideal to massage the tense muscles so that your body is fresh and active. These balls are often studded to add pressure to the nerve endings to relieve them. Some of these include hand therapy balls to allow manual dexterity when you are exercising your hands.