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Chairs and Sofas

Chairs are pieces of furniture with a raised surface used for sitting with four legs, back and arm rest. At Jumia, we have various chairs in Nigeria that feature quality materials that are water and peel resistant designed with shoulder height backrest to support the shoulder and entire back as well as lower backrest that supports the lumbar side alone, castor wheel, and the headrest that supports your head, shoulder as well as your back. The chairs could be used at the office, personal library at home, receptionist area. We have a wide range of chairs for sitting room which come with high quality leather and are cushioned for superior comfort. Choose a chair in black colour for a classic look; after all what could be more timeless than sheer luxury and complete comfort. Get cute chair in Nigeria on Jumia to give your customers cool feeling while having professional edge. We also have living room furniture, bedroom furniture and more.

Chairs and Sofas at Jumia

Discover various chairs in Nigeria on Jumia from trusted brands like Emel, Vitafoam, Zodiac and more for you to choose and enjoy the durability and comfort it will give to your body. The chairs have texture fabric upholstery with a wide seat and height adjustment feature. The backrests are curved or flat which provides superior working position while the adjustable armrest offers flexibility. Choose from our collection of chairs in Nigeria that are designed to give you comfort at the work place or at home which ranges from high, low and medium secretarial, executive chairs to managerial chairs. Get the best office furniture that will cater to the needs of your clients and guests.