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An office is a place where employees spend more time than they do at their actual house. It is important to have comfortable furniture so that they can work properly. An office has a limited number of furniture because the place should not be overcrowded. The essential office furniture includes; desks, workspace tables, chairs, and cupboards. The most important item needed in the office are chairs. There are different types of chairs that shoppers can purchase. There are a number of brands that offer chairs that have special features that make them comfortable. Jumia is offering shoppers with a massive collection of chairs at discounted prices. There are a number of discounts that reduce the overall office chairs prices.

Types of Office Chairs

When you decide on getting chairs for the office, consider the benefits and the restrictions. Also, you must get furniture according to the nature of work. Not every type of chair works well for everyone, some might fit certain body shapes and sizes and some might not. Buyers can select from the following types of chairs;

Traditional chairs

These chairs are the most conventional ones used in every office. This chair comprises a seat with a back. The back is cushioned with different materials that include leather, vinyl and so on forth. The armrest and headrest are present but generally, these chairs do not have them. These chairs may look simple but they give a good back support and great height.

Kneeling Chairs

These chairs are designed to reduce lower back strain and provide a balanced spine alignment. There is a bar in the front of these chairs that keep the knees from sliding forward. These also help reduce the weight of sitting on the back and hips. So for people who might have back issues can make good use of these chairs.

Recliner Chairs

For a number of employees, a reclined position while working is very comfortable. People who suffer from back pain and spine related issues will make good use of these chairs. There are small tables attached to these chairs which can be adjusted according to comfort.

Saddle Chairs

These chairs do have a backrest but the idea is to put the knees and hips into a 135 degrees angle. Basically, this chair makes the person look like they are seated on a horse. These work well for art galleries, studios and other related fields where you are supposed to work in a certain position all day.