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The digital video disc was first introduced in the later half of 1990s and since then it replaces the traditional video cassette. It instantly became the most popular way to rent or buy movies for watching on your television set. CDs became increasingly popular because they offered better resolution and 5.1 channel digital audio. With the introduction of DVD ROM in desktop computers and latest notebooks, one could easily play any movie or video on these devices.

CDs in Nigeria:

In the year 1969 Antonio Rubbiani introduced the idea of a compact disc. However, it was not until 1977 that the innovators started working on the idea. Philips took serious interest in this unique concept and designed the first compact disc, which was originally 11.5 cm in diameter. Later the diameter was increased to 12 cm to fit 9th Symphony of Beethoven. Until the 1980s, Philips and Sony jointly worked on developing the compact disc. In the year 2000, the sales of CDs touched the highest mark with a total of 2.455 billion units were sold around the world.

Blu-Ray DVD in Nigeria:

It is a type of high density optical disc that is replacing the conventional DVD. Compared to the traditional CDs, Blu-ray DVD offers up to five times more storage space and it can store 25 gigabytes of data on a single layer disc and 50 gigabytes of data on a dual layer Blu-ray disc. Although the size of the disc is similar to that of a CD or a DVD, it has state of the art technology that allows it to store data more tightly, hence consuming less space. A common Blu-Ray disc with a capacity of 50 gigabytes can hold up to nine hours of HD video and twenty three hours of SD (Standard Definition) video. Many leading movie studios have released movies on Blu-Ray disc.

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