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Xbox One review gives you an experience and enjoyable entertainment like never before with its new innovative combination of CPU, GPU and Esrams which makes you feel you have a super computer in your living room. The Xbox One comes with speed and uses it effectively which creates fast experience with the perfect balance of power and performance. At Jumia, we provide you with Xbox One console and games from trusted brands like Microsoft, Jumia bundles, UBISOFT, EA Sport and so much more that are built for the gamers. We offer the best Xbox one price in Nigeria.

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Get the Xbox One that was made for gamers to play and is designed in stunning HD Blu-ray player in sleek body clean lines with sharp corners that will definitely complement the decor of your personal or living room. The console features an 8 core processor that lets you switch between a game and your entertainment apps with ease. If you are tired of playing and don’t want to miss out on your favourite programs, the HDMI enables you watch television through the means of connecting your cables to your Xbox One console. It has load of memory and hard drive that lets you save your demos, music, video and apps for your future purpose. When getting your Xbox One console choose any of our Xbox One games like Battlefield, Motorsport, Fifa 14, Assassin creed and so much more for you to play and contend with buddies. Buy your video games online at Jumia and enjoy fun moments with friends and family.