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Playing game with friends, family and loved ones is the best way to relax and spend time together. Also helps with bonding among friends and family. A good father-son time is when they both sit in front of the TV both with game pads having fun. One of the world's most popular video game console is the Xbox 360. Developed and created by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 generation is the successor to the Original Xbox which was launched in 2005. The game console was launched as a major rival for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. With the Microsoft Xbox 360, it offered more than playing game. It is a media center which you can watch movies and videos, listen to your favourite music tracks and playlists, and also boasts of a HD GUI for its users. Microsoft went on to release different versions of the Xbox 360 which are Xbox 360 Core, Arcade, and Elite. The latest is the Xbox one which is the successor to the 360 generation.

Where to Buy Xbox 360 Consoles in Nigeria?

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