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High-Quality Face Makeup by Avon

Avon in an American international company that manufactures and retails beauty and personal care items. The brand was founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell. All the products by the brand have amazing quality and are very safe to use. When it comes to purchasing Avon face makeup, buyers have a wide variety of products to choose from. Jumia offers shoppers with a massive collection of Avon products online. You can easily purchase products according to your skin tone and skin type. There are a number of discount deals that reduce the Avon face makeup prices.

Guide for purchasing face makeup

When purchasing makeup products for the face, it is important to keep few factors in mind. These factors will help you purchase the right items. The first and most important element to consider is your skin type. It is very important to get face or skincare items according to the type of skin you have. Everyone has a different skin type which includes; dry, oily, sensitive and combination. So when getting face makeup, it is important to check the ingredients and get products accordingly. For instance, people who have dry skin should get a cream based foundation rather than a stick foundation. Following are the type of makeup you can purchase for the face;


Out of all the products for the face, the type of foundation you select is important. The foundation is the base on which you will put rest of your makeup. There are different types of foundation that ladies can purchase according to their skin type and personal preference.

Liquid foundation:

This type of foundation is in a liquid form which you can be applied on your face using a brush or your hands. There are a number of colors in which this is the type of foundation is offered by Avon. It is important that you select the shade that is closest to your natural skin tone.M/h4>

Stick foundation:

This kind of foundation is in a form of a stick. There is a creamy product inside which is applied to the face and then blended with a brush or sponge. These work well for people with normal to oily skin because of the creamy texture.

Face Powder

After you are done applying foundation, the next step is to apply face powder which will help settle down the foundation. You can choose from loose or pressed powders. Again you should select these according to your skin color and get a lighter color than your foundation. Avon offers buyers with a wide collection of face powders in all shades.


Concealers help hide pimples, blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tone. You should always get a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Blend the product using a small concealer brush and you will achieve the ultimate flawless makeup.