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The Biggest Cosmetic Collection in Town

Jumia is Your Shopping Destination for Buying Makeup and Stuff

Buy all cosmetics you prefer from Jumia, one place for all your makeup needs! Enjoy the massive variety of cosmetics to choose whatever suits you and your skin with the best price in Nigeria. Whether if you are searching for face makeup and face cosmetics like concealers, foundations, or contour you will find the perfect product for you from world’s best brands such as Anastasia, ARTDECO, Astra, L’oreal, Luna, Smashbox, mac makeup and a lot more brands to shop from. You can also buy ring light tripod stand for live videos & makeup youtubing videos. Jumia is your perfect online destination for cosmetics and makeup shopping to keep your beautiful face shining everywhere.

Searching for Nail Polish and lipstick? Here You Go

Jumia definitely will provide you with all your needs in terms of nail polish, lipliners and lipsticks. You can get your favorite Nail polish from your favorite brand, but you have to choose the right one which aligns with your skin tone. For fair skin try to avoid very dark colors except for red, you can try pastel colors, orange and so on. For the dark skin, you should try the following colors: Neon and bright Pink / Deep reds Cream and beige with sheer Intense Cobalt shades these colors will perfectly suit you. If you're still not sure what lipstick color suits you, follow same criteria mentioned above about the nail polish for the lipstick too. We also provide you with all cosmetic accessories like bags and stuff to Jumia provides you with the perfect cosmetics and makeup products as it is the biggest online cosmetics shop in town.

Eyeliner, Blusher, Cream Foundation and More to Get via Jumia

At Jumia, we provide you with the best eyeliner, blusher, cream foundation, waterprood makeup foundation from world’s top brand to make sure that you will get what you need and want. There is more than one type of eyeliners, like gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner each one of them has it is special usage. Moreover, waterproof eyeliner pencils are a must in every makeup kit, some would go for semi-permanent eyeliner and kohl eyeliners instead, and whatever you choose, to make sure that you buy high-quality eyeliner. You can also buy many colors of eyeliners such as purple and blue eyeliners. Enjoy the biggest collection of cosmetics brands from all over the world such as LA Girl, Maybelline, NYX, Revlon, Rimmel, WET N' WILD, and a lot more brands to shop from via Jumia Nigeria. Shopping from Jumia is very simple, secure, and easy, just pick your favorite product and we will deliver it to your doorstep.