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Where Can I Shop for Makeup Online in Nigeria

Makeup has become such a huge necessity that any woman that does not have a makeup purse filled with essential things is considered a novice and should be upgraded. Gone are the days when the best makeup look is a quick rub of Tony Montana white powder and lip-gloss. If you are daring, a quick swipe of colorful eyeshadow and application of lip liner to the edges of the lip is the perfect look that qualifies you for make-up ready, well not anymore. Get a highlighter, primer, contour kit and so much more. Do you want a foundation that will protect your skin tone? Be sure to go to Jumia to browse through an array of options with a guide that can help you purchase the right tone for your skin. When you are shopping from a store, be sure to check for the color that fits your skin tone. There are fantastic options to go for and they are Mary Kay's Crème to powder foundation, Iman luminous foundation, Milani, Mac and others.

Where Can I Buy Lipsticks, Mascara, Blush Online

Lipsticks are the basis of every makeup kit and some great options to go for are Sin, Russian Red and Ruby Woo from a huge brand, Mac. There is literally no complete makeup without the effect of voluminous mascaras that every woman must own. They are perfect to elongate lashes giving you that false eyelash effect and options such as Maybelline voluminous mascara, Inglot Mascara are a great one to start with. Not a lot of women understand the importance of a blush but when your makeup is completed, the finishing touch is always evident and that is where the blush comes in handy.