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With the widespread of smartphones of different sizes and ranges, Ulefone is one of the recent brands with exciting devices at very affordable prices. Based in China, the brand is committed to producing phones which are high on quality and standard. Their devices are one of a kind with innovative and distinctive features that make using the phone a worthwhile and memorable experience. They are also built in such a way that they are very durable and last long. If you’re tired of switching phones every now and then because they do not last as long as you would like, you can say goodbye to the stress of that by getting yourself an Ulefone mobile phone. They come in different types and models including mobile phones and especially, android phones. They generally have a cool, savvy outlook and come in different colors. This makes them appear really beautiful. Ulefone devices also come with batteries which are built to be strong and last long so you do not have to bother about charging them up every now and then. The best part of these phones is probably the fact that they are very affordable and allow you the opportunity to own a smartphone with all the best features at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the brand ensures that the phones are regularly updated so that users can have the best mobile experience at every point in time.

In an attempt to give to users the exact specifications they might be out to get, there are the Armor, S, and Power series. The Armor series contains the Armor 3T, 6, and X3 amongst many others. This series is designed to give the maximum durability in design and performance. These phones are cased in a hard rubberized material that prevents it from scratches or cracks upon falling. If you are the outdoor type spending time on adventures like hiking or climbing, then you need to get yourself one of these. The Power series is just like the name implies: full of power and high performance. They have high capacity batteries that rank them well above a lot of their peers in this regard. You no longer have to bother about charging your phone too often. Imagine the 6350mAh battery in the Power 6 model or the 13000mAh battery in the Power 5 model, you can be sure to never want for more. The S series is the power performance lineup with highly performing processing units. There are the S7, S7 Pro, Note 7P, and many more.

Ulefone Phones On Jumia

Shop the latest Ulefone phones now. What are your specs when considering a new phone? Let’s give you a breakdown of some of the latest ones that you would definitely love. The Power 2 has a 5.5-inch screen with an android OS of 7.0, including other features such as a fingerprint scanner for guaranteed phone safety, RAM/ROM of 4GB and 65GB respectively and a main camera of 13MP. Want a more sophisticated phone? You may want to check out the Mix 2. This phone is an Android 7.0 smartphone and is a 5.7inch. It is sleek, portable and attractive, easy enough to be carried about and has features such as a fingerprint scanner, dual sim function, and 4G internet connection.