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Jumia offers you a large assortment of remote control toys for kids and adults. Log on to Jumia let’s open your mind to a fascinating world of remote control toys and gadgets for your pleasure. Our range of Remote Control toys include dancing music car, toy tanks for iOS devices, racing cars, mini-copters, toy helicopters, propellers and more. You will be surprised how these gadgets will excite you. Our Remote control Toy store is for the adventurous young at heart, your teenage son will find our store exciting. Get intelligent toys with different functions. What more can your son ask for that will prepare him as he anticipate to drive his own car. Our range of Remote Control Toys Online will have a lasting effect on your kids. Watch your kids closely as they figure out how to better use this remote control toys. At Jumia we offer you genuine tech toys that develop your kids.

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Find outdoor toys on Jumia that would engage your kids. Buy Auldon Toys, Remote Controlled Helicopter Toy on Jumia for your son and let this big toy be his drive into becoming a pilot someday. At Jumia we have the right kind of toys that will develop the imaginative skills of your kids. The HUANQI Remote Control Music Car Toy has exciting remote features that allows the car to dance in upright walking, 360 degree eversion and left, right movement while it plays music. This Toy car is very entering and is a big deal to any kid above the age of 8. Buy you kid a toy that he will appreciate for a long time. At Jumia he have just the right birthday gifts for your sons that will develop their creativity. Jumia offers you a wide selection of Remote Control Gadget for the techy kids. Our range of Remote Control Toys online is second to none. Buy the best Remote Control Toys on Jumia, offers you genuine products at the very best prices in Nigeria.