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Almost everyone has a smartphone and a laptop, but there are moments when these two do not do justice to what you would like them to do. Your laptop is not mobile enough to allow you to do all of your work anywhere, and you also cannot use it to receive calls, while your phone might be too small to work efficiently. If you are torn between these two worlds, the best answer is the tablet. This is a mobile device that is reasonably larger than phones. They are most appreciated for their convenient design and easy use. The lightweight allows people to carry it around without any burden.

Gamers are in a league of their own when it comes to computers, be it laptops, desktops, or any other consoles. There are tablets with highly performing processors and graphics processing unit to give the best of gaming experience to users. They feature high audio as well as video resolution, and other features that will help give a one of a kind experience while playing. Most of the games and movies also consume battery quicker. Tablets with a mind-blowing design but poor battery time might just not work for you. The last thing you want is your battery running out in the middle of the movie. Asus tablets have a durable battery that saves up energy in hibernation mode. You can also try switching off the unnecessary notification of applications that pop up every two to three minutes.  Devices with front-facing speakers like those from Dell are a plus for movie watchers. They could also come with various durability features like water and dust-proof.

Popular brands including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Tecno, etc. have made formidable entries into the market, producing devices with upgraded features and functionality. Each one launched in the market leads to ground-breaking excitement among the customers. Let’s have a look at some of the tablets that are widely popular today. 

Huawei tablets: These ultra-slim devices run on Android software. These are versatile in design with advanced features. Huawei MediaPad M2 with 7.35mm thickness and a powerful sound system is unrivaled. It has an M-Pen and a fingerprint sensor so that it is more responsive and ensures safety. Huawei MateBook has a 12” multi-touch screen with full HD resolution. Due to its blazing speed, it is best for professional use. 

Lenovo tablets: Lenovo has both the Android and Windows OS for the convenience of the customers. The major series of these tablets include Yoga, Miix, A series, and S series. Both A and S series are considered small-sized with their 7-inches that nonetheless provides an ultimate multimedia experience to the users. They are sleek with a slim design and advanced functions. Their camera, battery life, multi-touch navigation, quad-core processor, etc. enhance their usage.

Samsung tablets: Samsung is a trailblazer in the telecommunications industry. It produces a variety of tablets so that these are accessible to different range of customers, based on the budget. This brand is a winner when it comes to featherweight tabs. Galaxy Tab 4 has a 10.1” touchscreen display with a sleek design and a smooth, metallic texture. With its rich view, it provides the best multimedia experience and online streaming. The tab provides seamless connectivity to the phone with enhanced productivity and contact sharing. Galaxy Tab S has a super AMOLED processor with 8.4” touchscreen. It provides LTE connectivity and a bright LCD display. The tab is lightweight and elegant in style.

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