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Established in 2006, Tecno has been serving a large number of basic phones and Android phones. The brand first started with producing phones targeted at individuals living in Africa and South Asian markets but has moved on to other parts of the world now. Tecno has grown to be one of the leading smartphone brands in Nigeria in a very short period of time. Tecno phones now compete with the biggest names in the smartphone industry all over the world with world-class features and specifications available at a giveaway price.  Tecno offers different Android smartphones ranging from low-end smartphone to high-end smartphones to meet the needs of every class and type of people, Tecno has gone the extra mile to produce different Tecno smartphone series targeting different types of individuals. They have ensured that their devices are trendy, sharp, and affordable.

They have a long line of products under different lineup names to give you the best you are looking out for. There are the Camon, Pouvoir, Spark, Pop, and Phantom series. The Phantom series is currently their flagship series with a wide collection of devices with advanced and innovative features and specifications. These products might not follow the usual flagship bezel-less display trend but are still packed with very impressive performance details. They have higher processors and larger operating and memory storage. There are the Phantom 6, Phantom 6 Plus, Phantom 8, and the latest Phantom 9. The Camon series is the super camera lineup. The products have advanced and enhanced camera details both for the selfie and rear camera. Asides being super cameras, they are also cased in sleek and alluring designs that give them that exquisite look that everyone loves. This lineup is available in different models like the Camon X, Camon CX, Camon 11, and Camon 11 Pro amongst many others.

The Spark series is the young life lineup. This lineup is packed with all of the basic features and specifications that students and youths would like. The best part is that they are made to be very affordable, to give everyone a chance to get the smartphone of their choice. There are the Spark 2, Spark Youth, Spark 3, 3 Pro, and many more. The Pouvoir series is also known as the power series because of their large battery capacity. With capacity as high as 5000mAh as seen on the Pouvoir 2 Pro, 3, 3 Air, and others, you can be sure to get over 72 hours of non-stop usage. The Pop series is the entry-level series with lesser specifications and features at very affordable prices. Despite being low-end, these products still contain above-basic features and details that keep them well above their peers. 

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There are so many Tecno smartphones available on Jumia at low prices. From the Spark Plus, Camon X Pro, and Camon CM, to Phantom 8 and a lot more, you can be sure to get just what you are looking for without breaking a bank.

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