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Can I buy Smartphones on Jumia?

When buying a phone get a smart phone. These are advanced mobile phones that are built on a collection of intelligent software platforms like Windows, Blackberry, android and iPhone OS that allows computing capabilities. The smartphone allows a user run various applications at the same time; it provides various functionalities such as the ability to access the Internet with a browser and also access digital media. At Jumia we provide you the option to choose from our wide collection of smart phones from top brands like Samsung, Nokia, Tecno and many more, and you are sure to get the best smartphones prices in Nigeria.

Original smart phones

It’s more than just making a phone call, technology has taken phone to an advanced level where phones are now smarter as connecting to the internet can be done on the go and information won't be out of your reach anymore. Holding on to a cellphone and PDA is inefficient; get a smartphone like an iPhone or an Infinix Hot phone and use it as an organizer, checking and sending e-mails as well as recieving and making calls, then you have made the smart move. Capture every moment with the high resolution camera by taking pictures and record videos, with media players you would always be entertained; create playlists and listen to your favourite songs on your phone. Buy galaxy s5 phone from the trusted Samsung brand and enjoy fluid touchscreen experience like never before. Various applications that would assist such as calculators, maps showing you locations, calendar for organizing days and also help you learn a new language. Pick and enjoy new smartphones with best battery life and also get dual USB drive for smartphone online Jumia. Buy the latest 2015 Apple iPhone, Windows, iOS smartphone and enjoy great apps that will help you run your business and day-to-day life smoothly. The smartphones available on Jumia features hi-tech capability that wil help you get task done faster and better.