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Apple is one of the leading technology brands in the world. It is famous for its high quality products that have the ability to last for a long time. These devices are made with the highest level of detail along with the best possible features there are. One of the latest additions in their range is the Apple Watch. The Apple wrist watch has taken the world by storm because it gives you easy accessibility to perform a number of features. The price of Apple watch matches its level of features.

There is a great demand for the Apple iWatch in the Nigeria as they offer a number of features. Here at Jumia, we have all the varieties that you need. Along with this, we are offering the lowest Apple Watch price to our wide customer base to enjoy from.

All that you could ever want

An Apple Smartwatch has a so many capabilities and features that you will love to enjoy. When buying the right one for you, keep in mind all aspects such as the look and the specifications for you to get the perfect fit. The first step to buying the right one for you is to look at the model. There are three types of models being offered. The Apple Watch Sport is the best option for athletes and active users. It has many features along with being very lightweight. The case is made using anodized aluminum that is available in either space gray or gray. It uses Ion-X glass to protect the display screen on the watch. If you are looking for one of the Apple Watch waterproof ones, then this is the best option for you.

The Apple Watch has all the specifications that you would need right here. It offers a stainless steel case that is available in space black or silver. It has a special type of steel that is non-corrosive. This one is heavier than the Apple Watch sport but the total weight depends on the band type that is selected. Sapphire crystals are used to protect the display. One of the highest selling ones in this category is the Gold Apple Watch that is an exquisite beauty. There are two different sizes being offered i.e. is 38mm or 42 mm. It is measured vertically and not horizontally. Both offer retina displays with a resolution of around 340 x 390 pixels.

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Here at Jumia, we have everything that you need. For the best Apple Watch for Sale, you can search using a number of options such as search by category, by price range or by product name to find what you need. For example, once you type in, “Apple Nano watch” you will find a number of products that equal your search. Shop now to find the best products with amazing discounts and avail our cash on delivery feature. Have an amazing shopping experience with us!