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It is fun using your smartphone but what happens when you can’t get a reach of it and need to keep up with your calls and texts? You need something smaller, wearable, and easily accessible that helps you to stay connected to your phone while performing other tasks. One of the most popular smart device manufacturers in the world is Apple Inc. Asides delivering to the people their lineup of smart and innovative mobile phone, they launched the line of their smartwatches that incorporates health and fitness management features into its phone multi-functions. The fourth generation of the lineup, which is named the series 4, was released in 2018 and has since been recorded as one of the most intelligent smartwatches out there. With specifications and features that give you the best of comfort for your personal use whether outdoor or indoors. A definite upgrade from the previous generation, it was redesigned and engineered to keep users active, healthy, and connected at all times.

Health Functions

Rebranded as a proactive health monitor, it has been engineered to include an ECG-like feature that is able to monitor the electric activity of your heart. This feature has a notification to alert of low, high heart rate or irregular rhythm. With a titanium electrode integrated into the top of the digital crown, you only need to touch it to activate the ECG app anytime and anywhere. Been looking out for the personal emergency nurse? You have all that and more in this wearable. It has a fall/height detection and can also send out an emergency call with its emergency SOS feature.

Fitness and Workout Functions

Get right back on your fitness goals with this fitness tracker. Engineered to be able to automatically detect when you start a workout or rigorous activity, it helps you to keep track of just how much exercise you have done and how much left you to have to do. It is perfect as a yoga or workout partner. It helps you to keep records and you can afterward view up to five metrics at a go and precisely track all your favorite ways to train.  The device also allows you to set timed challenges and would also motivate you to complete it with alarms and achievement awards.

Other Functions

The best part of this fitness and health watch is that it allows you to stay connected to your phone, even all through your daily activities without picking it up. You can make and receive phone calls and exchange text messages. It is designed to help enjoy the freedom of your cellular. Get to listen to music and podcasts by streaming. It has the activated voice commands attached to the personal assistant, Siri. Now you do not have to press the screen while working out, you only have to use the Hey Siri voice commands. It is so much fun while it gives you freedom too.

Design and Display

Designed in a way that gives you simplicity, style, and elegance in one package, it stands out amongst its peers. At 1.78”, it is recorded to have the largest display of all generations. Without increasing the casing or compromising on the battery life, the screen has narrow borders that give it a 30% larger display measurement. It uses an LTPO display technology that helps to reduce its power consumption, increasing its efficiency and now you can go on a full day without having to recharge. To emphasize its sleekness, it has curved corners that give it a rounder and continuous appearance. Arguing that space might be too small to show all of your notifications? The screen has been modified in a format that gives summarized details. The infograph face can now take up to 8 different application details, giving you a colorful and compact display. You can have as much as your calendar, alarms, heart rate, air quality, and much more just in the modular face.

The right side holds the digital crown that has been remodified to include haptic feedback when used. This crown gives you access to scrolling through your device without swiping around the screen.

Software and Hardware

The device uses a complete dual-core system in package (SiP) processor called the S4 chip. It provides rapid and speedy performance, capable of running the applications all at once. It is up to twice as fast as the previous processors used. It runs on the watchOS 5.0 which is upgradeable to 5.2.1. For connections, it supports the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.0.

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