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Reading good psychology books helps you know more about the social psychology and human behaviour which helps you understand how human beings think,behave and react towards their fellow human beings and their environment.Reading is an integral part of life. Everyone wants to understand people, their environment, how people think, the mysteries of human behaviour, what makes human beings sad or happy. Psychology books do a great deal in empowering and providing you with all the necessary information. In examining the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that motivates human beings to keep pushing towards achieving their goals, psychology books a long way. Our greatest asset as humans is our mind, but most times, we are unable to use it or understand it. Majority of the times, a large amount of our minds potential remain unexploited or unused. In order to know more about the detailed and very complicated psychology that influences human behaviour, you clearly need to find the appropriate psychology books that contain the right knowledge and imbibe it. Shop now on Jumia for all your psychology books such as the psychology of persuasion, mindset, the psychology of wealth,e.t.c at the most affordable prices