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A plush toy is a toy that is made by sewing textiles together while the inside is stuffed with soft materials which makes it cuddly. Babies enjoy to have a toy to hold, play with and can act as companion when sleeping. The plush toys on Jumia are made from premium quality materials and they are suitable for both male and female babies. They are made is varying shapes of animals and popular cartoon characters like Bert from sesame’s street, Winnie the Pooh, Big Furby and many more for you little bundle of joy to have a good time playing with it. Babies are drawn to toys that look lifelike because it gives them a sense that they can be understood. Fill your kids’ bed with colourful plush toys so that they can have a wonderful childhood memory.

Plush Toys for Babies

Discover a huge variety of plush toys online at Jumia for your keeping your babies cheerful and in the best mood all day. They are ideal for babies across all ages and they are sure to brighten up the lives of your little ones. Jumia gives you a large selection of plush toys from top brands like Hasbro, Disney, Playskool, Fisher Price and many more. The softness of the materials which these plush toys are made of makes it perfect for little children. It can be tossed around and played with without it causing any hazardous effect. Find the right plush toy for your little prince & princess from our huge collection and get them at the best price in Nigeria.