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Buy Organizers And Travel Kits On Jumia Nigeria.

Wherever you go, plan your trip to practically any place in the world with travel bags that will be your best companions wherever you go.


You can find backpacks of various sizes and capacity at Jumia. There are multi-purpose backpacks designed for hiking purposes with many compartments and sections to fulfill your diverse needs. You can also get your hands on backpacks or luggage bags of a smaller size that are intended for travels spanning over one or two days or at most a weeks’ time. Some backpacks feature plastic or metal frames that help to carry heavier loads. You can find travel bags in all sorts of sizes and fit according to your weight, height, and of course, your traveling needs or the nature of your trip.

Shoulder Bags

Buy shoulder bags and cross body bags from Jumia Nigeria and head out to your college or university in sheer style and matchless grace. If you are a working individual, wearing a pure leather shoulder bag to your office would make you look uber-classy and chic.


Buy suitcases online at Jumia and prep yourself for your next travel with the best quality suitcases in town.

Picnic Baskets

Are you planning to go on a picnic with your family? Make your trip well-organized by buying picnic baskets from Jumia that help you carry food items and props for games etc., that you will be playing.

Travel Pouch

A travel pouch can help you place small items of use such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizers, a mosquito repellent, body lotion, moisturizer, body spray etc.

Trolley case

Buy convenient and easy to carry trolley cases from Jumia Pakistan. These are available in all sorts of designs, colors, and prints including signature prints of renowned brands such as LV, Gucci, and Burberry etc. You can also buy folding and plastic chairs at Jumia that come in extremely handy if you are planning to go in the form of a group.