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Huawei Networking products for better connectivity

Huawei, the Chinese multinational corporation, is one of the world’s largest companies. It focuses on providing networking and telecommunication solutions to its customers. Along with this it produces items such as computer accessories and enhancing devices. Out of the complete range, networking devices by Huawei have gained popularity because of their efficient working and energy saving capabilities. You can do all your online shopping for Huawei Networking devices right here at Jumia Cambodia. Find the largest range of items and the lowest prices to have the best shopping experience. Routers Huawei is known to produce some of the best quality routers that are present for networking. This device functions as the point of contact for all devices and connects the internet to them. Huawei has different versions manufactured for enterprise and consumer purposes. These offer a flexible and modular design that can be used anywhere. Along with this, there are redundant control options, forwarding boards, hot-swappable line cards, security features and a comprehensive management system in the router. Many of them are compliant with 3G and LTE standards and features as well. For consumer use, the routers range between 300 to 1200 which offer easy connecting capabilities. For the enterprise user, the routers range above 1600. These have the ability to connect around 10 or more devices at one time. These have built-in firewall features which protect the users from any sort of harm that can occur.


Gateways by Huawei are considered to be a breakthrough technology. These provide the facility of a modem along with a router present in one. There are two series manufactured by the brand in this category which are known as the AR Series Agile Gateways and the Multi-Service Control Gateways. The Agile Gateway series is used by small institutions such as schools, gyms or small offices. They offer computing, storage and networking functions all combined into one. Some offer high multimedia access as well. The Multi-control gateways are for highly professional use along with having a high price tag.

Mobile Broadband

When it comes to offering ease and convenience of taking the internet with you, Huawei has you covered with the Prime device. This device offers a Hisilicon A9 dual-core chipset which provides high internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Moreover, the size and the style for this is really small and highly portable making it easy to carry wherever you like. The battery type for this device is highly adequate and does not run out quickly. It has a battery pack of 1900 mAh power that runs for 8 hours continuously or for 380 hours when on standby. Even when it is used continuously, it does not heat up and keeps the device safe.


Modems are used to connect devices in your home and office to the internet. This can be done using a cable jack or a phone jack. Modems