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Super gro is a natural liquid fertilizer which was developed to enhance your crop and agricultural productivity both in quality and quantity. Super gro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemical added to it.It is a natural fertilizer that will increase your agricultural yield more than 3 times what you get from synthetic or chemical fertilizer. It is 100% safe for vegetables or crops and livestock.It is a special formula for plants, lawn  and garden, it is usefor;I.Fruit crops II.Tree or cash cropsIII.Fish farmingIV.Poultry farming &V. Animal husbandry.Fish farmingApplicationFill in pond with water measured In litres and 1ml of Neo life super gro per 10liters of water and agigate gently. Then leave the treated water for 7-10days to fertilize the pond and the flush out the treated water after this period. PPut clear freshwater and leave for 5-7days before stocking your fish Inside the pond.This is suitable for mud, concrete, plastic and earth ponds.Advantages1) Promotes growth of phytoplankton in pond.2) Prevents fish mortality and cannibalism.3) Increase level of Oxygen dissolved in fish pond.4) Reduce ammonia level and maintain water pH.5)Makes fish grow fast and is not threatening to their health.Poultry farmingApplicationAdd 2ml of super gro with 10litres of drinking water.Advantages1) Prevents chicken from fowlpox and cholera.2) Prevents chicken from cold and quail diseases.3) prevent chicken from FLU (fowl plague).4) Prevent them from the swollen head.5) Protect them from LICE and MITES.Plant, Trees and Cash cropsIt is very suitable for the cultivation of the following cash crops Cocoa, timber, cashew, orange, apple,Pineapple, pawpaw, kola nut, rubber, Oil palm, mango, yam and a host of other plants and Cash crops.Application2ml of Neo life super gro with 1litre of clear/clean water. Then agigate gently and spray on the leaves and stem/root base of the crops or plants. Apply the same thing every 2-3 weeks or once a month.Important note: If you use chemicals ( herbicides) to weed, allow the effect of the chemical to ware out before applying Neolife super groAdvantages1)Increase plant yield as much as 200%2)Make water wetter3)Has ability to absorb solar energy for maximum use of plants4)Improves absorption of nutrients5)Breaks surface tension of water, hence water is rapidly absorb6)Keep plant wet in warm dry seasonAnimal husbandryIt's use in swines (pig production), snail, rabbit and Grass cutter breeding.ApplicationAdd 2ml in 10litres of drinking water.Advantages1)Increase fertility rate2)Protect them from diseases causing organism such as virus, bacteria3)Helps drive away harmful pest such as (solider ant, Grass lizard) from snail pen.Important note: For snail, mix 2ml of super gro with their feed once in 3days.Also dilute 10ml of super gro in100ml of water and spray on the environment once in a week (with 7days interval) for wetting the soil.


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  • Certifications: Organic
  • Color: Blue/white
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Model: Super gro
  • Production Country: United States
  • Product Line: @dewunmihealthcare
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 10879
  • Weight (kg): 10.5

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Neo Life SUPER GRO (The Wonder Drop)

Neo Life SUPER GRO (The Wonder Drop)

₦ 30,000

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