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PES 18 Online

There is nothing as great and as relaxing as finding something that you love to spend your leisure time on. Soccer is one of the most widely-played and loved games in the world. Either it is played as a profession or for fun, most men sure love the game. Therefore, there is little or no wonder that the PES 18 has a total level of acceptance among people who are naturally lovers of football. The Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is one of the most popular football games, alongside the FIFA 18. It is one of the best things in life to have happened to a lot of people. In the case where you have had a long day or week and need to relax, resorting to playing your favorite football game is a perfect way to do that. To make it more fun, you can also play it with friends. As usual, spending time with friends is one really good way to spend your free time and bond with friends as well as celebrate the little and big wins.

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Features of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

The PES 2018 is the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, released in 2018. It has similar but well-upgraded features from the PES 17. It has more advanced and authentic features. If you have been a fan of PES for a long time, we bet that the news that the random selection match comes again with the PES 18 will be exciting for you. It has been better refined with pre-season tournaments, an advanced transfer system, locker room scenes and pre-match interviews. If you loved the PES 17, then you would certainly love this game better.

Better Gameplay: The gameplay of the PES 2018 has been greatly improved to enhance the enjoyment and fulfillment of players. Firstly, this new game has an enhanced strategic dribbling feature which Konami has revealed is aimed at allowing you to have a better control while playing. Contextual shielding has also been added so as to protect the ball including stick controls which trigger realistic movements to wrong-foot defenders. The Real Touch feature on the PES 17 has been upgraded to Real Touch + giving the game a new dimension to control which allows for different parts of the body to control the ball. The new PES 2018 allows you to choose the new one player kickoff coupled with a new free kick and penalty kick system.

Online mode: The PES 18 has a new online mode that allows you to play either alone or with your friends. The 2v2 and 3v3 co-op also supports local guests as well.

Better Visuals: The PES 2018 has been designed to have better and more realistic visuals. Konami has carefully built the football game to look more authentic like Football. This includes adding stadium lighting for day and night matches; player models have better kit fitting and size. Some of the player models also have body tattoos and have been scanned fully. The game is targeted at giving you a fresh and wholesome gaming experience as all menus have new UIs and new player images. In general, the PES 18 gives you a sense of authenticity when you’re playing the game.

Where to Buy the PES 18 Online in Nigeria

If you are a lover of football games, then the PES 18 is certainly one that you would love to have in your possession. Get the PES 2018 games on Jumia Nigeria at amazing prices now.

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