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Where To Buy LG LED TVs Online in Nigeria

The television is an important section of the home electronics, no matter how much you try to replace it, you can’t. LG has been in the business of building televisions for the premium satisfaction of their customers with each model having a unique and top-notch specification, design, and feature. The LG LED television production dates back to 2009 and they have ever since, been at the top of the TV technology profile. They offer a wide variety of specifications all geared at providing you with the best viewing experience ever. With increasing research and development, they have developed their own smart operating platform- WebOS- which is considered the best TV operating system and incorporated them into their LED models to make them modern and more attractive to their users.

In the midst of so many other display types, the LED simply refers to a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. LG has fully customized this display to be very bright on super vivid screens with realistic colors and wide viewing angles. No matter the positioning of your device, you can be sure to view your screen without picture quality distortion from any angle you might be seated at. Incorporating more advanced technical features like the smart feature and connectivity port, you can be sure to get just the best of this class. They have been further improved and integrated into the HD and Ultra HD display that gives super clear pin-sharp images. The blacks on this display have been improved to turn off individual pixels to give truer blacks.

Buy LG LED TVs On Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria offers you all that you want at an affordable price. Browse through our wide variety to view the various sizes and model types available for your entertainment experience. Check out new technological variations of this display type like the OLED, QLED.

Shop the LG 32LJ500U which is a 2017 32” 1080p LED TV that fits right in your room or the 65” 4K UHD Smart LED TV with built-in HD receiver that allows you to stay connected with the world all day long.

For interpretation of the model numbers, the first letter corresponds to the resolution of the TV, S = Premium LED model, U = 4K, L = 1080p or below. The second letter corresponds to the year of release: K = 2018, J = 2017, H = 2016, F = 2015 and the higher the number, the higher the grade.

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