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Are you bored and tired of watching the regular local shows and movies your TV? TVs are built to do much more than that. The invention of cable television like Kwese allows you to connect to a wider network of channels from all around the world. Kwese is one of the popular and most affordable cable connections in the country and all across Africa. It offers access to over 65 channels for your entertainment pleasure. Don't miss out on the latest information, sports, entertainment, and educative programmes from around the world.

The decoder is designed simple, it is easy to set up and operate, it comes with a dish, a decoder, and remote control. The dish is placed outside, to face the direction of the nearest satellite post for better signal retention. It is built with all-weather material that does not rust and plastic casing, the wirings are also covered and protected against rain and heat exposure since it is placed for outdoor positioning. The decoder is the indoors receiver that allows you to connect your television while you get to control which channels you want to watch from the decoder. 

It comes with an infrared remote control with multi-functions which allow you the pleasure control volume, channels, and more with ease without leaving your seat. Step out of your horizon and explore the world beyond your reach when you shop your Kwese online at the lowest prices

Where to Buy Kwese Online in Nigeria

Get Kwese TVs decoder on Jumia at affordable prices. Get free channels and free to air when you order your decoder today and watch EPL, La Liga, NBA, WBA, Wrestling and other related sports for free.