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Buy Wireless Charger Power Bank Online.

Are you a frequent traveller and you need a reliable and dependable external source of power where you can easily get your smartphones charge? If you are tired of constantly having to go about carrying your power cable with you each time you need to charge while on a trip. There is a better and hassle-free way to get your device charge without you plugging your device power cable to charging port on your mobile phone. 

Experience a seamless way of powering your smartphones with wireless power share power bank. Our range of Qi-enabled power bank is specially designed for you to get your device such as iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S20 charged using the power share technology that lets you charge without the use of power cable connected to your phone. This power bank is not as popular as the conventional type. But they enjoy rave reviews amongst consumers that have a smartphone that support Qi power share charging method.

If you are in the market for good quality wireless charging power bank, we have you covered with a variety of high-quality dependable wireless external power bank for you to choose from. These devices cost much more than the traditional power bank, but they sure worth the money. With premium features and excellent charging time. Some of these gadgets come with USB-A and USB-C ports for better and quick charging of your mobile phone using your wired and wireless charging at the same time.

Where to buy wireless power bank charger online in Nigeria?

Keep your valuable charge while you are on the go with our high-capacity power bank. They are lightweight and feel great in your hand, you can easily put them in your bag or pocket for easy movement. Get everything you want on Jumia at affordable prices.