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Buy Sony Android TVs in Nigeria.

In the past, you can only enjoy the smart features on your smartphones or tablets or iPads but now, you can get all smart on your TV thanks to the Sony range of Android TVs. If you are in the market to shop for affordable but highly sophisticated home entertainment device that offers you the best of entertainment, you get anywhere in the world. With our range of Sony home entertainment, you can now make your home smarter by connecting with other smart home electronics and more.

Take your visual experience to another level when you watch your favourite videos on the brilliant and colourful screens such as QLED, LED, UHD, OLED or HD display that ensure quality graphics delivery. Because of the improvement in technology and innovation, you can now enjoy crisp, stunning, and state-of-the-art graphics. 

Enjoy a bigger and better screen view when you watch your favourite home entertainment. Browse the web to shop directly from your TV screen. Get to see more with Android home devices, watch old or new movies from blockbusters to streaming games online. With these ranges of items, there is no limit to watch you can get on-demand. How do you want your series on Netflix, amazon prime, Roku, Hulu or on your conventional screen? It doesn't matter where your interest lies; we have got you covered with lots of preloaded apps that are free or paid to choose from.

Discover access to hundreds of evolving apps for your next entertainment. With Sony Android TVs you've got a new way to play your Android games on your phones, tablet or on TV. Begin your game on your phone while on the road, finish it at home while sitting on the couch with your remote in your hand. Go with endless entertainment, watch a live broadcast, stream videos and music. The device is easy to set up and offer better and user experience.

Where to buy Sony Android TVs Online in Nigeria?

Enjoy effortless and excellent shopping experience when you buy online at Jumia. Get discounts on a wide range of budget-friendly products today and get it delivered at your doorstep.