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Buy LG Android TVs Online in Nigeria.

If you are in the market for the best quality Android TV and you are not sure of the best brand to go for due to a wide variety of fewer quality products that have taken over the TV market. There is a brand out there that offers the best prices on a large variety of Smart TVs that are running on the latest Android operating system. So, why don't you seize this opportunity to browse through our list of LG Android TVs collection to choose one that is a perfect fit for you and meets your budget requirements?

Take your visual experience to another level by watching your favourite television series on a LED screen that delivers stunning picture quality with an excellent acoustic sound effect that will make you feel you at the centre of a cinema hall. Nothing beats a perfect sound quality when you watch high definition videos online directly on your big screen. Whether you are in the market to shop for 32-inch TV or you are looking for something more advanced like 75 inches display, even if you live in a medium designed apartment where space is of the essence, our range of 42-inch or 50 inches screen has you covered with a variety of display options.

LG is popular for making TVs that offer smart features like game apps, internet browser, WebOS and more. When you order any of these home appliances, you will enjoy the smart features on your smartphone on your big screen. The only difference is that you could call or answer a call but you will browse the web, shop on your favourite online mall where you can order home theatre system or DVD players. To enjoy these smart features, you must ensure you are connected to the internet.

Discover plenty of affordable LG smart television online at the most competitive prices. With an immersive display, it will feel you are at the centre of the event when you watch your favourite blockbuster movies. For better viewing experience, LG delivers the best in home entertainment right now if you are planning of making your living room or home your cinema. Enjoy the best of picture quality with LG OLED range of Android TVs, we also have you covered with the latest models that feature the QLED display technology for excellent screen time.

Where to Order LG Android TVs Online?

Get the LG smart TVs online at the best prices on Jumia, Nigeria. We are offering the best discounts on some selected items when you shop them. Take advantage of Jumia Prime to enjoy free order delivery when you purchase one today. To be eligible for free delivery, you must ensure you subscribe to Jumia Prime now.